Half Moon Bay - Apr 20th, 2019

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As we get ourselves into Tournament mode to tee it up in less than 72 hours at Wente Golf course, let's revisit how things came together for our winners at the first event of the year at Half Moon Bay.

On a day sandwiched on both sides by gorgeous sun and weather, the Golf Gods let IAGA have it one more time. With 30 MPH winds.....heavy morning mist (sometimes called rain), and an early start destined to bring about a few DQ's for missing the start of the event, we had a record number of 85 golfers arrive in time and READY TO PLAY THE IAGA WAY!!!! WOW....Wow....Wow.......Hat's off to IAGA player passion!!!! We LOVE IAGA players. They are truly passionate golfers.

In a few hours the mist gave way to gorgeous sunshine, but the wind and the temperatures made the conditions VERY challenging. There were some AMAZING performances regardless.

We had 13 new members introduced at the 2019 IAGA Tour inaugural event. The event was also highlighted by a welcoming gift for ALL during the post round lunch........a very high quality IAGA logo emblazened golf shirt honored the 2019 season, as we broke attendance records and membership records thanks to ALL of our members. 130 players strong, now representing the LARGEST INDO AMERICAN Golf Association in the United States. IAGA Rocks!!!! For those who were not at the event, rest assured your IAGA shirts are waiting for you!!!! Wear them proudly and wear them to every event if you can remember. We will definitely be requesting that EVERY member wear their shirts to the Club Championships at season end.

The most important message to all our attendees, and now those who could not play, was the ongoing focus and determined messaging to our members to be EXCELLENT Ambassadors and IAGA citizens when you are playing in an IAGA event. It is every members responsibility to represent IAGA with the highest integrity and friendly spirit, not only to other members, but most importantly to those outside IAGA to include the course staff.....those who park your car.......those who check you in.....those who assist you on the course....those who serve you food on the course....those who serve you after the round......Give them a big smile and a thank you. BE GENTLEMEN to the outside world!!! As mentioned, we are getting to a size whereby we need this level of custodianship from every member to ensure IAGA is viewed in the most positive light by the course and it's staff so we are WELCOMED every year to their facility. Thanks so much for your cooperation and remember........it pays to be nice........so give a smile........and a thank you.........even if you don't feel like it!!!!!

Now onto the results of the AMAZING play on Half Moon Bay Ocean Course..............CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!!!

  • LOW GROSS was shot by one of our new members....and our lowest Handicapper (1 handicap).....ANURAG BHARDWAJ.....GROSS 78!!!!
  • LOW NET MAHARAJA.........In a 3 way TIE Breaker with JIMMY SINGH & SHANT SINGH............SATISH DALAL......NET 73
  • LOW NET TIGER......another new comer to IAGA..............KARANJIT DHILLON........NET 69
  • LOW NET COBRA..........perennial top finisher................VISHAL GOYAL...............NET 70
  • Lots of skins were shared amongst members of each flight.

UNFORTUNATELY, the course staff never retrieved the Long Drive and Closest to the Pin sheets for us so we must apologize to all those in contention, but these awards will NOT be awarded for this event.

REMINDER TO ALL.........with the start of the 2019 IAGA Tour........you MUST have played in at least 3 events BEFORE the Club Championship to be eligible. Match Play events count.

Stay tuned as we begin to compile Golfer of the Year results.

And stay tuned for the announcement of the MAJOR in IAGA. It will be played at a MAJOR VENUE in the near future!!!! Shoot low as you can in the next few events to be sure you MAKE THE CUT for the MAJOR!!!!

Thanks to all who made the season opener a memborable and historic one for IAGA. We look forward to seeing many of you at WENTE as well and at every event in the 2019 Season!!!!

BELOW is the link for the OFFICIAL RESULTS................Stay tuned for the payouts!!!!

You will note a different look and feel to the results posting as we are transitioning to the GOLF GENIUS Software by NCGA. NOTE: An informal survey was conducted at the post round lunch regarding LIVE SCORING..........There was high interest in having LIVE SCORING return to IAGA events. This feature is possible via GOLF GENIUS at an incremental cost of close to $2800. This represents an average cost per member in IAGA of close to $20. An official survey will be sent to test for true interest. If we have a majority who want it........We will work with NCGA to see how soon this can be implemented. Stay tuned for the survey!!!!!

IAGA ROCKS!!!! Onto WENTE!!!!................


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Results - Half Moon Bay 2019

Venue - Half Moon Bay