Harding Park - July 27th, 2019

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The MAJOR....it brings out the best fields and it brings out the best competition at the best venues IAGA has to offer. All of this was true as IAGA descended on the site of our first MAJOR of 2019.....Harding Park. Under perfect golfing conditions and a course worthy of holding this event, we had 79 players tee it up for the top spot in each of their respective flights.

There was LOTS of DRAMA........there were some GREAT moments that you had to be there to witness first hand to get the real flavor, but the HARDING event was truly memorable. Here are some of the highlights....and this is even BEFORE we get to the results:

  • A breakfast so fun with the energy and buzz from all of our members there in time to enjoy the terrific food and get to see eachother after 6 long weeks away.
  • A recognition of HARSHA SASTRY for his self DQ from his WIN at Wente for submitting the wrong score. A true testament to maintaining the INTEGRITY of the game and most importantly, playing by the rules of golf
  • A recognition of RAVI PINDIPROLI who improved his game to advance from the COBRA flight to the TIGER flight for all competitions going forward. That should be goal of each of our members.....Improve....improve...improve.
  • A raffle that you would have thought was FIXED. The Kulkarni Towel (named for the member who won the towel THREE times in a Row in the raffle and has since moved to India....some say the Towel jinx made him move away), was won by a Junior......FAIZ LODHI and we have never seen a more excited winner of the towel.
  • Then the CASH Grab where EVERY $$$ pulled would be doubled. There were over $2000 in winnings sitting in the bag!!! All SANDEEP RANDHAWA had to do was avoid pulling out 2 ONE DOLLAR bills in a row.........so what does he do.....His first two pulls are ONE DOLLAR bills......Alas, SANDEEP RETURNS to his seat with a whopping $4 prize in his pocket!!! And the $2000 will wait for the next MAJOR!!!!!
  • The next to last prize of a Wireless Speaker goes to another JUNIOR......JAI BHASIN!!!! He had eyed that from the time he walked in and saw it sitting on the table as one of the top Raffle Prizes!!!! He JUMPED out of his seat when the Raffle ticket matches his numbers. GREAT TO SEE!!!! and the Crowd was very appreciative of 2 juniors having won.
  • And then the Raffle Finale not to be believed. With two of the 3 juniors have won raffle prizes, the crowd implored IAGA to just GIVE the final prize to the 3rd Junior in the Audience, KUNAAL GAUTAM........but in IAGA....we NEVER GIVE ANYTHING away.....except to the Charities we support!!!! So the final ticket was drawn by JAI BHASIN......and the number read out....and the winner..........KUNAAL GAUTAM...........the crowd ERUPTS in jubilation and it was an amazing way to send the field out to the course for warmups and getting ready for their major experience. WHAT ARE THE ODDS??? ONLY IN IAGA!!!!
  • With a full field in each flight, some terrific golf was played with DOUBLE $$$ on the line!!!! Here are the results....to see the full details, click on this Golf Genius link and check out scores, match scorecards, review winners, see the Golfer of the Year points and much more:



  • Low Gross was earned by KABIR SINGH....with a commendable GROSS 80 on a tough tough venue!!!
  • Low NET MAHARAJA winner: VINEET SHARMA with a NET 71
  • Low NET TIGER winner: HARPREET SONI with a NET 69 for his FIRST EVER IAGA WIN....(also won the $200 Best Buy Gift Card in the RAFFLE....a GREAT DAY for HARPREET)!!!
  • Low NET COBRA winner: ANIRUDH JOSHI with a NET 66
  • Closest to the Pin.......ZOHEB MUKHY
  • LONG DRIVE.....Tiger/Cobra.....FELIX MANICKAM
  • HONORABLE MENTION .........SUNIL RAMAIAH won 5 skins in his flight to dominate......although he did NOT win the flight!!!!
  • ONE FINAL NOTE: Members, we were fortunate to be able to get access to HARDING PARK on a premier day of the week with PREMIER tee times for a large group of 80 players!!!! It was our time to shine at Harding and show IAGA deserves to return. We played at a good pace. We were appreciative of the staff with great ovations for them. We showed up on time and were ready to tee it up on time!!!! We respected the cart path only requirement (some players actually walked the course). However, it is important to state that EVERY MEMBER MUST KNOW THE RULES of the game. As important as it is to improve, improve, improve, knowing the RULES of the game and the ETIQUETTE is equally important. We did not shine in this regard with an honest but glaring mistake that became visible to Harding Park committee members.

    One of our players hit onto hole #1 green with an errant tee shot from hole #9. At this time, the general public was playing and were on the green. In addition, Harding Park had just tee'd off their Harding Members event on hole #1 tee with players in the fairway waiting to hit to the green. Unfortunately, our IAGA member did not know that you were allowed to MOVE the ball from the green and drop it to the nearest point of relief WITHOUT PENALTY. You should NEVER hit a shot from the green if it lands on the green you are NOT playing. You can move it. To his credit, he did ask his playing partners and the general public on the green what the correct action was. All stated go ahead and play it. So he did. As you can imagine, with a divot resulting in the green with his shot to return to the #9 fairway, this was in clear site of the Harding Park members. It was not appreciated by them. AGAIN, our member was very apologetic once he was informed of his error and felt terrible and apologized again. We are hopeful this action does not have negative consequences, but it does highlight that we MUST know the rules and etiquette of golf and follow them. We are fortunate to get access to some premier public courses for our members. Let's respect them and the game ALWAYS!!!! You can only do that if you continue to be a student of the game and spend time learning the rules and etiquette which is constantly changing. We want to continue to provide this access, but that only happens if the courses appreciate our manners and our etiquette and our visible appreciation of their facility and their staff.

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

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    Venue - Harding Park