Hiddenbrooke - June 8th, 2019

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Hiddenbrooke......so many possibilities on a gorgeous day, with a course in great shape (albeit for the bunkers....but what were you doing in there in the first place???), pace of play at another mind boggling 5 hours 15 minutes for the entire group (that's 2 in a row....Wente and Hiddenbrooke in 5 hours 15....YES!!! Nice job gang!!!!), and five par 5's and five par 3's for the taking.

So what were the results?? Some exceptional scoring from fresh faces and some veterans once again rising to the top in their respective flights. Overall a terrific time on the golf course once again, with a "hit the spot" BBQ immediately following.

A resounding validation of HARSHA SASTRY's MAHARAJA level game definitely happened at Hiddenbrooke. The Sportsman of the Year, who DQ'd himself from the Wente event due to an incorrect score, repeated a solid performance at Hiddenbrook with a terrific GROSS 78 to capture the top spot. And this time.....it stuck!!! No changes....No DQ, just a great round of golf by one of the up and coming players in IAGA. Lookout for HARSHA!!!! He is Maharaja material.

And in the Tiger Flight......a dominating NET 67 by past Club Champion ZOHEB MUKHI locked up the top spot. He needed it as ABHI DESAI was hot on his heels with a solid NET 69.

In the COBRA Flight, it was a tight battle between a "real VET", Dr. KANWALJIT MANN and the player trying to break through CHETAN PUNGALIYA......both tied with a terrific NET 68, but the DOC wins in the tie breaker. This was a real horse race as 4 players were within ONE shot of capturing the top spot, but the DOC prevails!!!!

There were some real GORILLAS for the Long Drives at Hiddenbrooke:

  • MAHARAJA Flight.........Long Drive........ADITYA RANJAN
  • CLOSEST TO THE PIN.......a fantastic 22 inches..........RAVI PINDIPROLI......YES, he made the birdie putt!!!!

Check out the final results of HIDDENBROOKE yourself via the link. You can also see the hole by hole scorecards and analyze YOUR round. Be a GENIUS and get into the Golf Genius swing!!!!..............AND SEE IF YOU WON A SKIN!!!! CHA-CHING!!!!!

All payouts for your respective WIN, if you were a winner, are shown under the "PURSE" column!!!

Congrats to all the winners. You are one step closer to GOLFER OF THE YEAR!!!!!

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Venue - Hiddenbrooke