Wente - May 11th, 2019

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A brutal winter.......two event cancellations.....then we finally get to play golf at Half Moon Bay and now the floodgates on the 2019 IAGA Season has been pushed wide open. Here we go.....Individual Match Play has started. Team Match Play is right around the corner. Both events having record participation by our members along with a new record attendance at Half Moon Bay. Our boyz can't get enough golf after hibernating.

So here you go......let's get ready for the next stop at Wente Golf Course. Saturday, May 11th.....the day BEFORE Mother's Day. Perfect. Sunday is for her (Make your reservations for taking her out now before they are sold out and you are panicking at the last minute. Reserve a nice spot NOW and look like you really thought about it and you do care (this year will make up for last year when she ended up cooking for you and the kids). SATURDAY is for YOU!!!!

Sign up now. Here are the preliminary details:

  • Saturday, May 11th.....Wente Golf Course....Livermore
  • Shotgun start at 9:30 am (thank you)
  • MANDATORY breakfast at 8:15 AM that you will NOT want to miss.....tremendous food choices....Desi and American continental choices for all.
  • This event WILL sell out fast.
  • The weather and course conditions WILL be fabulous

Sign up now with a YES to this email and we will get you signed up!!!!

IAGA is rocking now!!!!


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Venue - Wente