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A little story for holiday season.

Once upon a time, 20 years ago, there were these 4 Indian guys who loved to play golf. They would go to the golf course all the time. They were not very good players, but they were the best desi players of their time and the LOVED the game. They loved the etiquette of the game. The spirit of the game. The integrity and honesty of the game. The purity of the game. The gentlemanly sportsmanship of the players. It was what was good about humanity.

It felt unnatural to these desi's but they kept at it. Playing most rounds with three other non-desi's.

Then, like the Brady Bunch....one day one of them met the other. Then the two met another....and then the three of them met the fourth. With each meeting the thoughts of rudeness, yelling, controversy, desi-panti on a golf course danced in their heads. It was a marriage made in Shadi.com. Their profiles matched perfectly.

IAGA was born!!!! With all it's glory!!! It was everything a desi golfer wanted. A weekend filled with sounds of ma/bhen directed at no person in particular, but rather at a helpless little ball, which didn't even move. The word spread. Golf desi eshtyle took the Bay Area by storm. From it all, the enduring mission of IAGA was formed.......to embellish the spirit of the Indo American community in Northern California through the game of golf. IAGA was the FIRST TRUE START UP.......with NO EXIT strategy!!!

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