Eagle Vines (S) - Apr 6th, 2013

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In the 17 year history of IAGA we have seen some terrific accomplishments on the golf course by our members from hole in one's to winning 5 championships. We have also seen golfers improve from 24 handicappers to 10 handicappers over a season. It is now time to recognize another dramatic accomplishment. SIX BIRDIES in a single round played from the Maharaja tees.............

Congrats to Sandeep Malik who OWNED Johnny Miller and his Eagle Vines layout. While the rest of the field was struggling to make par, Sandeep was knocking down birdies on 33% of the course. And these were not birdies on the easiest holes. He birdied 2 of the top 4 toughest along the way. This accomplishment earned him BACK TO BACK wins in the Maharaja flight. Can he make it 3 in a row??? Show up and find out.

The Tiger flight had it's own battle down to the wire. Tiger Cup champion, Surinder Thind seems to be finding his game as he has returned with fire and earned the win vs. a tough Ajay Tyagi with a tie breaker as they both ended with a NET 69. Congrats to Surinder.

Our Cobra flight is making the competition within flights tighter as well. However, some things never change as Ravi Pindiproli dominates the flight with a NET 69 and sails away with another victory. However, it appears that Vikaas Dixit has been working on his game over the winter months as he now has back to back 2nd place finishes. He is one of the youths of IAGA and he is one to watch.

With $680 in the pot up for grabs, it was a grabbing frenzy as we had 9 skins won!!!! TAKE THAT JOHNNY MILLER....... It might be a new IAGA skins record. 3 of the skins were knocked down by Mr. Birdie, Sandeep Malik and 2 of them were grabbed by a NEW COMER....Irfan Mehdi. Manish Sood, Munish Mehta, Ajay Tyagi and Jeevak Bhatia grabbed their share as well.

Long Drive was dominated by Ajay Tyagi in the Tiger/Cobra flight and Munish Mehta knocked the monster drive for the Maharaja. Closest to the Pin was won by Satish Dalal .......YES he did make the putt to double his winnings.

While the cat is away, the mice will play is the appropriate introduction for the Low Gross winner. With perenial LG winner Pradeep Bakshi distracted by an event at Stanford, Surendra Vaid took advantage and grabbed the Low Gross award with a solid 82. Congrats Surendra. Can he do it when the cat returns. We shall see.

We have introduced 6 new members to IAGA over the past two events. Here are the names you get to know over the course of the year:

  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Sandeep Randhawa
  • Harry Romana
  • Irfan Mehdi
  • Tarun Goyal
  • Charandeep Sehgal
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Results - 6 Apr 2013

Venue - Eagle Vines