Pasadera (T) - June 8th, 2013

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Be ready for a real treat on the golf course.......ok, first get your minds out of the gutter as we don't do those things on the golf course..........the TREAT is PASADERA. A private country club will be the site of the next IAGA event on June 8th.

This is a fantastic Jack Nicklaus designed course and is one of the top courses in the Bay Area. With a few of the members having played it before, it received rave reviews. A day in Monterey is always fun, but with the tournament at Pasadera, you may have trouble sleeping the night before......for many reasons which we will not speculate on for now.

So get yourself signed up as this will be a very popular event and we have a limited number of entries.

This is a tee time event with the first tee time at 11:30. This will allow for a fantastic day......wake up at leisure, drive to Pasadera. Enjoy some breakfast or early lunch. Warm up at the range. Then be ready for some great golf.

You WILL NOT be back in time for your social activities if that is what you are fact, tell the 'boss', you're busy and you'll see her and the family the next morning.......don't worry, it's Monterey.....she'll understand.

Anyway, we leave your permission prowess to you. Bottom line is it's a great venue, a great day is planned and it will be a fun time....especially for those who go the day before and stay overnight.....hmmmmmm....maybe a family weekend.......oh boy!!! you can sell that to the 'boss'. Good luck.

By the way....are you qualified for the Major in Half Moon Bay in July??? If not, you better show up here!!!!

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Results - 8 June 2013

Venue - Pasadera