Club Championship (S) - Oct 5-6th, 2013

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What a memorable 36 holes it was at Wente. It has taken 72 hours to recover to be able to put together this season ending summary. Under gorgeous, calm, perfect conditions, Wente conquered all (almost).

Highlights of the day:

  • Maharaja flight struggles after day 1......other than a great gross 77, the average score for this leading flight was 85
  • Tiger flight takes advantage of short course......with no wind, Wente was there for the taking.....however, those fast, fast greens still conquered many Tigers
  • Cobra flight gets their own perpetual trophy.....The Cobra Cup had it's inaugural kickoff and a newcomer to IAGA put his name on the virgin plate.
  • A 55" Samsung Smart TV was won in the raffle and it took 4 players to carry it to the car
  • 5 time Maharaja winner Pradeep Bakshi shot 87 on day one and did a no show on day 2 to go and play with Vijay Singh.....yes that Vijay Singh.....he had a better chance to beat Vijay than get #6 (after putting on his deer antler spray.....although knowing Pradeep's luck, he probably attracted deer on the course).
  • Only 6 players could beat Raj "the chipmunk" Gautam in a chipping contest......huh??? Really???
  • Sandeep Randhawa was the lucky winner of the dreaded Towel in the raffle......and he proceeded to leave immediately......wonder if he told anyone he won a raffle prize??
  • The Rabbit was seen ........the rabbit was banged.......the rabbit went back in the hole
  • Sandeep Malik won the Maharaja.........oh, sorry, he didn't even play.....we are just so used to saying Sandeep Malik won the........
  • Two rules do you mark a ball?? Virtually......NOT!!!!.......and only in IAGA.....Manpreet Gahra did a Sandeep Malik.........WHAT??? Yes, he used another players club to hit his shot......WHAT??? Only in IAGA!!!!
  • The lowest index player finished LAST in the tournament........WHAT????
  • There was a player with 9 three putts and 2 four putts in the final round.....WHAT???

So with the highlights as a backdrop, you can just imagine the drama that unfolded throughout the weekend. At the end of the event, everyone was drained and a few were left standing. Those standing were the winners:

  • Congrats to Felix Solomon who becomes the 2013 IAGA Club Champion with a hard fought victory. He shot 85 on day two, but that was good enough as those around him were not making any moves!!!! Great steady play Felix.
  • Congrats to BJ Desai for capturing the Tiger Cup in an easy victory by 6 strokes.......the late start didn't suit the Tiger flight well.
  • Congrats to Manoj Joshi for taking home the FIRST EVER Cobra Cup with a very tight one stroke victory in the Cobra Flight. Manoj started the year as a guest and ends up walking away with the trophy.
  • Closest to the Pins were won by Vishal Goyal (who 3 putted) and Jimmy Singh
  • The Long Drives were won by Vineet Sharma for Maharaja (only one in the fairway) and Irfan Mehdi for the Tiger/Cobra flights
  • Low Gross honors went to Sunil Bhalla with a Gross 160 over the 36 holes for Maharaja and Dhiraj Bokde with a Gross 171.
  • We closed out the season with the Top Awards of the Year other than the Club Championships:

  • The Golfers of the Year were Sandeep Malik in Maharaja who had a dominating year with 4 wins..........and Vikaas Dixit who had steady play throughout the year in the Cobra flight to take the Tiger/Cobra award
  • Individual Match Play Champion was Randy Shirbroun who outlasted the Tiger Flight winner, Kamal Ahluwalia in a 3 and 2 victory.
  • Team Match Play Champions honors went to the team of Vineet Sharma/Vikaas Dixit........these guys were down in EVERY one of their final 3 matches. The were victorious in a Playoff in the Championship match vs. defending Team Champions Raj Gautam/Felix Solomon.
  • And the winner of the 55" Samsung Smart TV.......Inderjit Mundra...........the box was bigger than him!!!! Congrats Inderjit!!!

    So a lot to celebrate at the 2013 IAGA Club Championships. With terrific food and great friendships buzzing on the tables after the round, we closed out the 2013 IAGA season. A major announcement for 2014 was made regarding the Match Play Championships kicking of in January 2014....details will follow after a two month break.

    Gang, it has been another great year in IAGA. At this time we want to thank each of you for playing and being a part of our 16th year. Keep bringing your friends into the club so you can increase your enjoyment at the events.

    Have a great holiday season and be on the lookout for announcements of Golf Events happening in the offseason.

    All the best.....and be safe............


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    Results - 06 Oct 2013

    Venue - Wente