Bayonet - Aug 23rd, 2014

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Only in IAGA........we had a Tiger player who played from the Blue tees the entire round......DQ....only in IAGA. We had 2 players test the commitment IAGA has to iWannamaker scoring and refused to enter their scores in iWannamaker after the 11th hole.......DQ......DQ.......only in IAGA.......we had one player hit another players ball, but then found his original ball and prevented a DQ by finishing the hole with his original ball........but got a 2 stroke penalty.......only in IAGA.

And we had a player who bet that he would beat at least one of the Asian Tour Pro's GROSS......ha...ha....ha.......only in IAGA........oh, and by the way, he didn't.

So with this as the background for the day, IAGA's first Pro Am event became a very memorable outing. From the time we saw the Pro's hit their 330 yard drives off the first tee and the open mouths from the players watching, we knew we had a winning day ahead of us regardless of the results.

IAGA would like to extend a very very sincere THANK YOU to the Asian Tour players who joined us for this event. Gurbaaz Mann, Amardeep Malik, Ajeetesh Sandhu, and Mandeo Pathania showed tremendous mental strength in showing IAGA members the way to play golf. With their friendly, yet always professional demeanor, they represented the true qualities of Professional Golfer. They did finish in the top four positions GROSS. They played from the Blue Tees and on a tough venue which they had never seen before. With greens and fairways not at their pristeen condition, they performed exceptionally. Especially given some of our members were doing their best to shake them mentally. Conditions they would not encounter in a traditional Pro Am field. Congrats Pro's.....and thank you very much again for a great day. Look forward to following your success on the Asian Tour and wish you all the best as you move towards launching the US Asian Tour.

While IAGA players may not be Pro's, the best part about IAGA is that we all THINK and TALK like we are Pro's. And why not.......who's listening anyway!!!

We had some fantastic Pro Like performances within our event and here are the results. One very special event inside the event was the Skills Challenge vs. the Pro's. The Pro's brought pro class clubs to be given away to any IAGA member who could beat them in Driving, Chipping and Putting. While nobody came close to their drives, we did have two winners in the Skills Challenge vs. the Pro's. Who says we don't have pro level skills???? Here are all the winners........

  • Low Gross......Pradeep Bakshi
  • Maharaja Flight winner........Raj Gautam
  • Tiger Flight winner.........Kulwant Sidhu
  • Cobra Flight winner........Manoj Joshi
  • Closest to the Pin.....Ramesh Panicker (and he made the putt)
  • Long Drive Maharaja......Shekhar Halakatti
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra.....Anirudh Joshi
  • The Skins winners - Maharaja........Dhiraj Bokde...Randy Shirbroun...Shriraj Gaglani
  • The Skins winners - Tiger/Cobra....Abhi Desai...Kulwant Sidhu.....Vikaas Dixit....Kunal Verma....Ramesh Panicker

The SKILLS CHALLENGE winners.........the way this worked is you had to beat one of the pro's in Chipping and one of the pro's in putting. All those who qualified then went into a shootout vs. each other.

The results were magnificent as the winner of the Pro class Wedge is Shriraj Gaglani who beat the Pro, and then SUNK his chip shot for the win vs. all other challengers. In the Putting challenge, Sabeer Bhatia was the winner by beating his pro and then getting to within 3 inches to take home the Pro Class putter. Congrats gentlemen for some fine skills display.

Finally, let us reinforce that IAGA prides itself on upholding the integrity and honesty that is inherent in the rules and play of golf. It is an integral part of the etiquette and spirit of the game. It is the responsibility of EVERY IAGA member to demonstrate this at every event and even outside IAGA.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of situations mentioned at the beginning that required DQ's of Rajeev Verma who chose to play the wrong set of tees for his flight the entire round. Chose wrong....DQ.

In addition, DQ's were imposed on Sandeep Bhasin and Shant Singh and Rajeev Verma who chose to NOT enter the remainder of the scores during play after hole #11. They were well aware of the reminder at the start of the round that a refusal to enter scores via iWannamaker is grounds for a DQ. They chose not to adhere to the guidance. Chose wrong.....DQ.

With that we bring a close to our first ever Pro Am. IAGA and the Pro's thank all of the bidders who made bold bids for the right to be in a foursome with a Pro. There was a high demand for the bids and not all bidders were able to get into a foursome. We hope next year we will have more Pro's so we can fill all foursomes with a Pro.

The Pro Am players did have their own Low Net tournament prize. The overall Low Net winner of the Pro Am in a tie breaker and the winner of a FREE one round entry in an IAGA regular season event.......Pradeep Bakshi.

Attached are all of the results and payouts by flight and skins. In addition the Golfer of the Year standing are a tight race in all flights with only 2 events left.

Thanks to all for participating. Look forward to seeing you in the final two events for the 2014 IAGA season. Details coming soon.

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