Bridges - Sep 20th, 2014

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It is not often a tough course is brought to it's knees by IAGA, but on Saturday, IAGA took down the monster known as Bridges. With a 143 slope, it is one of the toughest venues in Northern California. High rewards are earned by those who have the skills for target golf. A slight miss and you are looking at IAGA max!!!

It is with great pride we announce the winners of the 2014 Bridges event. Not only did these flight winners play exceptionally, but it is worthwhile noting that our Golfer of the Year was decided in this final regular season event and both winners played pressure packed golf to perfection. It is worthy to note that both of the GOY winners also happened to be the HOTTEST golfers at the end of the season. As it is in the Fed Ex Cup or the Ryder Cup, so it is in IAGA. We mirror the PGA formula as we are no less than PGA players in our own minds.

Congrats go to JIMMY SINGH and BJ DESAI for capturing their respective Golfer of the Year Trophies. JIMMY for the Maharaja flight over tough runner up SANDEEP MALIK. And BJ DESAI over VISHAL GOYAL and MANOJ JOSHI. All of these players exhibited terrific consistency over the entire season and were in the top 3 within their flight when it mattered most. Excellent effort gang!!!!

The winners for the Bridges event are as follows, with a special mention for the winner of the Maharaja Flight as he is 12 years old and shot a GROSS 75...Nice shooting KRIPA DHARAN:

  • Kripa Dharan - Maharaja Low Gross - 75
  • Kripa Dharan - Maharaja Low Net
  • Felix Solomon - Maharaja runner up
  • BJ Desai - Tiger Low Net
  • Abhi Desai - Tiger runner up
  • Manoj Joshi - Cobra Low Net
  • Vishal Goyal - Cobra runner up
  • Closest to the Pin - Manpreet Gahra
  • Long Drive Maharaja - Manpreet Gahra.......MONSTER DRIVE
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra - Murali Dharan
  • Skins won (see attached skins payouts)

IMPORTANT RECOGNITION: Congrats to all at the Bridges event for embracing the iWannamaker scoring. We had full participation throughout the round which made the event that much more exciting. I know there were many who were leaderboard watching as they came down to the final holes. iWannamaker adds an exciting twist to our events, but it is only as good as our members make it. As mentioned in the breakfast, in addition to LIVE SCORING (which NO OTHER NCGA associate club has), iWannamaker scoring allows IAGA to provide you with results on the website FASTER and in full detail hole by hole scores so you can settle your side competitions (that is what we call bets since gambling is frowned upon) after the round. THANKS MEMBERS!!!!

With the conclusion of our Bridges event, we conclude our 7 regular season events and the attention now moves to our 2014 IAGA Club Championship. Details on this will be sent shortly so be on the lookout for it. It will be a MEMORABLE GRAND FINALE to the 2014 IAGA Season!!!!!

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Details - Sep 20 2014

Results - 20 Sep 2014

Venue - Bridges