Coyote Creek - May 10th, 2014

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To say the day was gorgeous would be an understatement. It was gorgeously miserable as the golf gods had it in for IAGA. The test was on as the day started under bright blue skies, a bit of chill in the air and 20 mph hour winds which quickly reached 30 mph within the first 2 hours.

The results reflect the difficulty of the day as our players struggled to keep their hats on their heads and the swings smooth. Neither was accomplished and so we had one of the highest scoring events in recent memory.

Congrats to all the winner in the flights and to the overall Gross winner, our newest member, Anubhav Rastogi, who got the low gross in a tie breaker vs. Sunil Bhalla. A gross 83 shot by a 1 and 4 handicapper tells you how tough it was out there.

With Coyote behind us, we are moving on to the Monterey Peninsula for our next event. The very popular Pasadera Golf course will be the venue on June 7th. It will be a 12:30 pm shotgun start to allow all players to drive down that morning and with a shotgun, all will finish in time to head back for your Saturday evening social hours (for those who have to). This event has sold out quickly in the two years we have it on the calender. Sign up quickly or you will go on the waiting list.

Here are the big winners from Coyote (see the attached winning payout announcement to see all the winners and the payouts).

Reminder: We have moved to a new skins format. Maharaja will have their own skins pool and Tiger/Cobra will have their own skins pool. Payouts will be based on true skins.....if two tie on a hole, it moves to the next hole. The more holes carried over, the greater the payout to the winner of the skins. In the event skins are not captured, the amount of $$$ allocated to the skins not captured will be distributed based on the percentage of skins won by each player. Example: Player A won the 8 carryover holes on the 9th hole and won 9 skins (that is 50%). Player B won 6 skins or 33%. 3 skins went unclaimed. Player A will get 60% of whatever skins are not captured and player B will get the 40%.

  • Low Gross - 83 - Anubhav Rastogi
  • Maharaja flight - Mahesh Karanth (4 way tie breaker) 76
  • Tiger flight - Manjiv Vohra (tie breaker) 71
  • Cobra flight - Vishal Goyal....powerful win by 6 66
  • Long Drive Maharaja - Anubhav Rastogi
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra - Sri Mudumba
  • Closest to the Pin - Anubhav Rastogi
  • Skins winners: Maharaja ...Dhiraj Bokde ($200), Suhas Kulkarni ($100), Shriraj Gaglani ($66), Jitender Natt ($33)
  • Skins winners: Tiger/Cobra......Ravi Chekuri ($310), Murali Dharan ($100), Abhi Desai ($70), BJ Desai ($70), Irfan Mehdi ($35), Surjit Tut ($35) Congrats again to all the winners. Hope to see you at Pasadera next month.
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