Eagle Vines Mar 15th, 2014

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It was a terrific start to the 2014 IAGA Season as we welcomed over 50 golfers to the Eagle Vines breakfast. 8 new members were introduced, including 2 new Junior members.......Kripa Dharan and Amitesh Kataria.

The message for 2014 is "Watch IAGA grow!!!" A club that was formed 18 years ago for bringing the many golfers spread out across the Bay Area together, is changing rapidly. With the alignment to Home of Hope, IAGA is making even greater contributions to the community through the game we all love. In 2014, we are announcing IAGA Juniors. With our members passion being handed down to their kids, IAGA will be playing a key role in the development of the competitive spirit in our youth. Not only open to IAGA members kids, but to many of the youths in Junior golf and First tee programs, IAGA will conduct Junior events throughout the year. The first of these events took place in 2013 at Las Positas and was a great success and look to build on that in 2014 and beyond.

With the start of 2014, IAGA was proud to break the 100 member threshold. We now have 101 official members in IAGA........that is great and that is thanks to each of you for making this happen. It doesn't happen without your passion and commitment to IAGA and we thank you for keeping the spirit going.

Was that Eagle Vines we just played?? With virtually no wind, the course in great shape, the greens much slower than usual, Eagle Vines was there for the taking. And many of our players took it.

In the MAHARAJA flight there was a 3 way tie for the win. In a Tie Breaker, MAHESH KARANTH with a NET 71 took the event over Suhas Kulkarni and Vineet Sharma. That is nice shooting by all. VINEET SHARMA brought home the low gross of the event with a well earned Gross 78.

This brings us to review the NEW PRIZE STRUCTURE in IAGA for 2014. By the way, if you have not read the 2014 Guidelines, you will be well served to go through them one time to understand how many of the decisions are based on.

For 2014, IAGA will pay out $100 to the winner of each flight and $40 to 2nd place. There will only be ONE low Gross award and it can come from any flight. The Low Gross for the Day will earn $60. The Golfer of the Year will continue and now the Low Gross will be recognized with 60 points towards GOY. It is important to note.......Low Gross cannot win Low Net also. However, if the Low Gross is the Low Net, they will be awarded 100 points for Golfer of the Year and the Low Net winner will earn 2nd place of 80 points for GOY.

In the TIGER Flight....we had a many year member, but FIRST TIME winner come through when SURJIT TUT captured the win by one stroke over Abhi Desai, Harry Ramona and Manjiv Vohra. SURJIT says the success was due to him not being paired with his buddies which allowed him to focus on his game vs. the jokes........hmmmmmm..........a winning formula discovered??

In the COBRA flight........another first time winner in TARUN GOYAL. Looks like all the time TARUN spent on developing the IAGA web site didn't detract from his practice as he DOMINATED the Cobra flight and won by 5 strokes. His goal.....get to the Tiger flight by the end of the season........Impressive!!!!!

Closest to the pin was earned by NARESH KAPAHI.....but he missed the putt.

Long Drive winners were GERARD GEOGHEGAN in the Maharaja and new member SHEKHAR HALAKATTI in the Tiger / Cobra.

There were 5 skins winners each taking home some nice change to take their families out for dinner for the rest of us.

Be on the lookout in the guidelines for major changes to SKINS being moved to within the flights (since we have enough participation within each flight now).

All in all, it was a great day. We had LIVE scoring thanks to Raj Gautam and iWannamaker. Each group kept up with the scoring (although a few errors which will take time to perfect).

The BIG HIGHLIGHT of the day was the pace of play. 4 hours and 20 minutes for the lead group and 5 hours 15 minutes for the final group. FANTASTIC!!!!!

A lively debate took place in the clubhouse after the round on who is a VERY FAST player, a FAST player, a MEDIUM player and a SLOW player. Lists were formed and voted on by fellow members who have played with eachother. No agreement was reached, however, the action taken to validate the lists. INTERESTING NOTE: Players were pretty honest with their assessments. When asked if they were a FAST player, many said medium.

As we validate the lists, we will move towards establishing tee times with very fast. players in the lead groups, medium players in mid groups and slow players in the final groups. The great thing about this approach is it will allow all players to enjoy the game the way they like to play the game.

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Results - 15 Mar 2014

Venue - Eagle Vines