2014 IAGA Home of Hope Inter Club Championship Results

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Friends of IAGA and Home of Hope,

One stroke in golf. What a difference it can make. One stroke....one penalty shot....one putt left hanging on the lip of the cup......it matters. It is why golf is a beautiful game that is never conquered because no matter how well you played....unless you win, you go on pondering that one stroke. For the next week at least or till your next round.

And so it is with many of our players who participated in the 2nd Annual IAGA Home of Hope Inter Club Championships. 17 different clubs showed up to fight it out on a challenging venue under very difficult course conditions. Not only did the winds get up to 25 miles per hour, but the green conditions were challenging to say the least..........and in most of the competitions.......ONE STROKE is what made the difference. The competitions were tight in all flights reflecting the high quality of the field and the real golf being played.

All this was overshadowed by the superb organization and the ambiance created by all the volunteers who worked so hard to make sure the event went off flawlessly.

From the time golfers entered Wente Golf course, the registration process, the 28 gift basket display of raffle items and winners awards, the 15 Championship Trophies to be handed out, the auction items, the welcome bags with breakfast items and lunch already prepared............All combined for a memorable event and some fantastic competitions on the course.

Thank you to many of our generous golfers who gave embraced our message and gave $1 per day for the kids. Many checks for $365 were brought to the donation box and every dollar helped make for a strong fund raising effort. With our sponsors and the on course $$$ collected for the raffle tickets and the auction item sales, the 2nd Annual IAGA HOH golf event raised close to $28,000 for the children of Home of Hope. THANK YOU......THANK YOU.........THANK YOU.

A special thanks to the Audi Team from Stevens Creek Audi. Not only did they provide the exciting opportunity to drive away with a luxury Audi A8L for a Hole in One on hole #7, but their support during the Auction, Raffle, and commitment to next year's event was very satisfying. Thank you Cassandra Crawford and Sanjay Datta for your support.

We have established a strong partnership with Audi of Stevens Creek and they are committed to treating ANY of the players or supporters of IAGA or Home of Hope with exceptional service. If you are in the market for an Audi, please contact Cassandra Crawford (408) 244-5400 at Stevens Creek Audi and let her know you are with the IAGA or Home of Hope event and you will eliminate the hassle of buying a car and will get exceptional pricing. They GUARANTEE the best price in the Bay Area.

Now onto the results. We had a strong showing by ALL the winners. To achieve the scoring they did under those conditions was exceptional. Here are all the winning teams and individuals:

  • Long Drive - Recreational Flight.........Jatinder Marwaha
  • Long Drive - Competitive Flight........Kripa Dharan (2nd year in a row our Junior wins it)

Recreational Team winner Scramble Format.......the Defending Champs Rule Again!!!! The target on their back did not phase them a bit......11 under score.

From Friends Club:

  • Tochi Matharu
  • Krispal Matharu
  • Hardy Samra
  • John Sandhu

Competitive Team winner....Four person, two best ball NET......19 under score......in a tie breaker win.

From Team G-12:

  • Roger Patel
  • Prakash Patel
  • Raj Desai
  • Kannan Ayyar

Players Flight.......handicap 19 - 27:

  • Roger Patel (Team G-12)....winning score of 5 under NET

Masters Flight.......handicap 11-18:

  • Irfan Mehdi (IAGA)........winning score of 7 under NET

Championship Flight........handicap 0 - 10:

  • Shant Singh (Moraga Country Club)........winning score of 1 under NET

2014 IAGA Home of Hope Inter Club Championship Winner

Low Gross.........

  • Vishal Wadhwa (Ruby Hills Country Club) ..........gross score 79

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 IAGA HOH Championships. Well played.

We had 3 players qualify for the $1,000,000 shot of a lifetime.

  • Prakash Patel
  • Ashish Mathur
  • Sunil Bhalla

All had a chance at the conclusion of the regular golf event, with all players, wives and families watching, to take a 165 yards shot on the 18th green to make a hole in one. Suffice it to say, the $1,000,000 was safe with the insurance company. Congrats guys for getting a shot.

The Audi A8L was driven back to the lot by the Audi team as the closest we got to winning it was 3 feet. Good effort......no luck.

With a 104 player field, a great thank you goes out to all the players for staying on track. All the players in the Competitive flight completed their rounds in 5 hours and 15 minutes with virtually no delays or hold ups on the course. A few groups in the Recreational flight got delayed and we will improve the focus on this in 2015 to ensure all groups finish in 5 hours 15 minutes. Overall a FANTASTIC pace of play .......The many changes we made to the event made for a much more enjoyable and fast paced event in 2014. We will continue to improve this aspect of the event so we maintain a 5 hours pace of play.

It was great to see our 3 Junior golfers compete for the top spot amongst the many seasoned veterans.

  • Rohan Dalal
  • Priya Bakshi
  • Kripa Dharan

gave the veterans a run for their $$$. With beautiful swings and passion for the game, it is just a matter of time before we are inviting them up to hold the Championship trophies.

And not to be out done by the Juniors, we also had 77 year old Colonel Atwal participate as the oldest member of the field. He played admirably and we can all hope that we are still able to swing at his level when we are 77. Thanks for showing the way Colonel.

Overall a fantastic and satisfying second attempt for the Children of Home of Hope. We are hopeful that the HOH message is beginning to take hold within each of you. If you spend any time on the HOH website.........if you have a philanthropic motivation........then there will be few other charities you can commit your $$$ to which will reward your generosity to the extent Home of Hope can.

This event will grow bigger and better year after year. Everyone saw the high quality output from start to finish. The accolades and post round feedback was much appreciated. The demand to participate by sponsors and donors will increase and the net result will be even more $$$ raised for the children of Home of Hope. Thank you once again for your contributions.

Be on the lookout for the framed pictures you all took on the golf course with your messages spelled out on the whiteboard. We will announce the winning team when we send out these great memory builders.

If you have further interest in learning and supporting Home of Hope through your own motivation please go to www.hohinc.org

If you have a desire to join IAGA and participate in competitive golf events once a month with a focus on true golf competition, go to www.iagagolf.com and sign up.

Thank you to all our HOH staff, volunteers, Wente staff, sponsors, and participants in making the 2nd Annual IAGA Home of Hope Inter Club Championships a winner all around. We look forward to seeing all of you next year.

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Home of Hope

Results - 19 Apr 2014

IAGA Home of Hope Inter Club Championship:

  • Competitive Team Net Winners: Team G12 represented by Kannan Ayyar, Raj Desai, Roger Bakshi, Prakash Patel
  • Recreational Team Scramble Winners: Tochi Matharu, Krispal Matharu, Hardy Samra, John Sandhu
  • Individual Low Gross: Vishal Wadhwa
  • Individual Low Net - Championship Flight: Shant Singh
  • Individual Low Net - Masters Flight: Irfan Mehdi
  • Individual Low Net - Players Flight: Kawaljit Mann (Tie Breaker)

IAGA Members Results:

  • Individual Low Gross: Vishal Wadhwa
  • Individual Low Net - Maharaja Flight: Shant Singh
  • Individual Low Net - Tiger Flight: Irfan Mehdi
  • Individual Low Net - Cobra Flight: Kawaljit Mann (Tie Breaker)

Long Drive:

  • Kripa Dharan

IAGA HOH Official Scores

IAGA Official Scores

iWanamaker Results link:

Venue - Wente