Coyote Creek - March 21, 2015

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There's no need to FEAR.......the JUNIOR invasion is here. Let's stand up and cheer the performance of Junior KRIPA DHARAN as he DOMINATED the Maharaja Flight at Coyote Creek on Saturday with a smooooooth GROSS 75. You read that right.......GROSS 75 from the White tees on a 135 slope. WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!!! Congrats KRIPA!!!!

While it is heartening to see the JUNIORS starting to take shape in IAGA it is also encouraging to see that past Champions can still put up a good showing amongst the rest.

With 65 players at the event and some literal name dropping (we have two Kabir Singh's in the club and we missed the fact that both signed up for the were we to know. When we asked Kabir Singh if he signed up, he said yes. But which one said yes?? It was another ONLY IN IAGA moment!!!!....but welcome to both Kabir Singh's), the Coyote Creek event went off with some FANTASTIC performances. Clearly the competitive juices were flowing and some of our members were itching to get the fight on.

Here are the results and dominating performances in each flight:

  • Maharaja.........Low GROSS.......KRIPA DHARAN
  • Maharaja.......Low NET.........KRIPA DHARAN
  • Tiger ........Low NET.........MILIND DANGE
  • Cobra .....Low NET.........MANOJ JOSHI
  • Closest to the Pin.........VIKAAS DIXIT (and he made the birdie putt)
  • Long Drive Maharaja......DHIRAJ BOKDE (2 kids has made him wise we mean!!!!)
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra....RAVI CHEKURI
  • Check out ALL of the payouts, including SKINS on the attached payout sheet as well as where you stand in QUALIFYING for the MAJOR at Half Moon Bay in JULY.

Also be sure to visit to get an update on GOLFER of the YEAR.

Congrats to all the winners from Coyote. Click on the link below to see the player breakdown by flight on iWannamaker. And Congrats to ALL participants for their ACCURATE and TIMELY submission of scoring on iWannamaker during the event. ALL got a feel for how exciting having a live leaderboard can be during the event. Are you in contention (you ALWAYS are in IAGA)? How do you need to finish?? Birdie...birdie.....or bogey...bogey to grab the top prize?? iWannamaker can tell you all. It was GRRRREEEAAATTT!!!!

It should also be noted that we announced the formation of the IAGA Board which will be comprised of IAGA members and will help shape the direction for IAGA for the next 20 years. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new chapter for IAGA!!!!

We also announced the important role PAYPAL will be taking in IAGA. It is MANDATORY that ALL members get a PAYPAL account. This initiative is being driven by two main motivations.......FIRST and FOREMOST....IAGA does not want to hold your credit card information. We DO NOT want to be responsible for the risk of identity theft or some other mishap which can impact your personal credit situation. SECOND....we want to be sure we have documentation for ALL Payouts/Winnings. Please get a PAYPAL account immediately as we will be transitioning to 100% PAYPAL for entries by mid year. If you cannot get a PAYPAL account you MUST buddy up with someone to facilitate your PAYPAL activity and let us know who you are going to partner with for all IAGA transactions via PAYPAL. Thanks for your understanding.

It would not be fair to move on to the next event without mentioning the challenge of FAST PLAY / SLOW PLAY. Coyote was a mixture of the two. Those in the first half of the tee off position completed their rounds within 5 hours.........SOMEWHERE along the way.....ONE GROUP.........JUST ONE GROUP........fell WAAAAAAY BEHIND and caused a headache for those behind them. EVERYONE needs to be aware of their speed of play gang. It is NOT OK for some members to show up and enjoy their 5 hour / 5 hour 15 minute experience while others suffer through a 6 hour / 6 1/2 hour round. Let's get this right going forward. It may call for some drastic measures so DON'T complain and whine if YOU are the one impacted by the decision of the IAGA Board in the near future regarding YOUR slow play. We WILL FIND YOU and we WILL take action. So FIX yourself before we HAVE to fix you.

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Details - 21 Mar 2015

Results - 21 Mar 2015

Venue - Coyote Creek