IAGA Club Championship Oct 10th - 11th

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GRAND FINALE....Vineet Sharma vs. Kabir Singh in Playoff.....Mahesh Karanth wins!!!


Did you just read that right? How is that even possible? ONLY IN IAGA!!!!

VINEET SHARMA, after 19 years of attempting to capture the Maharaja Trophy, made a BOLD prediction prior to the Club Championship he would be putting up his best Jack Nicklaus impression and grab the coveted Maharaj trophy.

With 2 holes to go he was one down to KABIR SINGH (after having double bogeyed the 16th hole)........with KABIR three putting 17, they were tied going into 18....per iWannamaker!!!! With the drama of 36 desi's "rooting" them on (waiting for one of them to choke!!!! so they could laugh their ass off!!!)..........the drama unfolded on 18 over water. With ice in veins, both managed to navigate just off the edge of the green and two putted for a TIE.........the 2015 IAGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP was going to EXTRA SUDDEN DEATH HOLES..........

On the first extra hole.....both missed the green with KABIR long and VINEET in the bunker with a buried/fried egg lie. SHARMA blasts out beautifully and runs to the back of the green 20 feet away. SINGH hits a skillful chip to within 18 inches and makes the par putt. SHARMA MUST make his 20 footer to move to the 2nd hole .........alas the DRAMA ends here as the putt is not even close and SINGH captures his FIRST MAHARAJA TROPHY is his FIRST TRY.......leaving SHARMA to contemplate 2 days of near misses......JUST ONE STROKE saved anywhere in 36 holes would have given him the Championship outright.

ENTER the Clubhouse and prepare for the AWARDS CEREMONY as there were many GREAT rounds to be recognized for the day and the year!!!!!

BUT WAIT.............WHAT's THAT YOU SAY RAJ GAUTAM???? Mr. iWannamaker??? WHAT??? Someone entered their score in error in iWannamaker??? WHO???? MAHESH KARANTH's score was entered as a double bogey when it was actually a PAR??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????

It means the Playoff was a NON EVENT!!!! It did not need to be played!!!! MAHESH KARANTH had already WON the MAHARAJA as a result of his 36 hole score as he was ONE stroke better than KABIR SINGH and VINEET SHARMA.



But, what about KABIR SINGH????

Since 2nd place is not played off and is based on the best back nine score....VINEET SHARMA beats KABIR SINGH for 2nd.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT??? So KABIR goes from WINNING the Maharaja to not even being in the $$$$$????

ONLY IN IAGA!!!!! You gotta come out and play just for the entertainment value!!!!

BUT, the REAL STORY here gang, besides the NON PLAYOFF ......is the FANTASTIC comeback by MAHESH KARANTH. Left for dead after Round 1, Mahesh DID show up on Day 2.........WHY?????.........Because it's IAGA and anything can happen in IAGA!!!!

With a brilliant NET PAR round on Day 2.......MAHESH vaulted to the leaderboard after 9 holes and kept is steady throughout the day while those in the lead group were gagging their butts off. TREMENDOUS mental strength by MAHESH.

Congrats to MAHESH KARANTH for a valiant comeback victory in the 2015 IAGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS.

But don't feel too bad for KABIR............his brilliant two day GROSS score of 14 over par.......77 & 81.......earned him LOW GROSS HONORS!!!!! Congrats for great shooting in VERY TOUGH.....30 mile per hour conditions on Day 1 and DESI eyes waiting for the flinch on Day 2.

Not to be out done by MAHESH's play, the TIGER CUP had superb DRAMA of it's own. With MANOJ JOSHI dominating the flight, RAMESH PANICKER showed up to play.........WHY???? It's IAGA.....ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!! And for the first 9 holes of Day 2, RAMESH was making it happen!!!! A NET 31 on the front 9 compared to a NET 38 by MANOJ, set the stage for a FINISH to REMEMBER!!!! By the 11th hole, RAMESH was actually leading and looking to BRING IT HOME!!!!

Then RAMESH starting thinking about how he was LEADING!!!! He WAS going to be the 2015 IAGA TIGER CLUB CHAMPION..........YES....he WAS!!!!! Uh Oh......that's why they say........ONE SHOT at a time!!!! With a very sloppy finish in the final 7 holes leading to a NET 44 as compared to a very STRONG NET 36 by MANOJ on the final 9............RAMESH let one slip away as MANOJ JOSHI conquers the TIGER FLIGHT. He now has his name on 2 of the 3 coveted cups in IAGA.......the COBRA CUP in 2014.....and now the TIGER CUP in 2015.........what's next in 2016????

With all of this drama playing out in the MAHARAJA and TIGER flights, would the COBRA CUP hold a similar FANTASTIC FINISH??? IT DID!!!! But not because of a tight race that went down to the wire!!!! The COBRA Flight will be remembered in 2015 for the DOMINATING VICTORY by our JUNIOR member.......ABHINAV JOSHI......who ran away from his competitors by 11 strokes (much to the delight of THE RABBIT). He started fast and kept his foot on the throat of his nearest followers, never giving them a chance. With a 36 hole NET SCORE of 140, ABHINAV takes home the 2015 IAGA COBRA CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

The event was concluded as always with the awarding of the DREADED TOWEL in the RAFFLE..........congrats to SUHAS KULKARNI for being the lucky winner of the TOWEL......many good things happen to those who win the Towel!!!!

The Top prize of the 55" SAMSUNG TV was won by our 2014 TIGER CUP champion, KULWANT SIDHU!!!! Congrats KULWANT!!!!

With these highlights from the GRAND FINALE, we bring the 2015 IAGA season to a thunderous conclusion. We truly THANK YOU for your participation and the memories you enabled in 2015!!!! From the start at Yocha to the final putt in the Non Playoff..........2015 was another SUPERB year for IAGA.

As one of our founders, RAJ GAUTAM, stated it best.........We should ALL be proud of what we have developed here in IAGA over the past 19 years!!!! IAGA is a community success and has endured with a high quality of competition and integrity at it's core.

We have had over 400 different participants call IAGA home at one time or another. We have spawned new generations of passionate golfers thanks to their parents learning the competitive spirit and camraderie that golf brings through IAGA. Whether they have moved on to country club memberships, other sports, or have been forced to retire due to the stresses golf brings upon the body, they made IAGA and IAGA made them passionate about golf!!!!

We seek to welcome ALL of you in 2016 for our special 20th EDITION of IAGA!!!!

We wish all of you a very safe holiday season. Make some great memories with your friends and families over the DIWALI holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and all other celebrations between now and the start of IAGA 2016!!! Most of all ..........MAKE LOTS OF POINTS AT HOME that you will cash in once the 2016 season starts. Kickoff event will be in YOCHA DE HE in February, highlighted with an event at the "NEW" POPPY HILLS in MONTEREY!!!!

Be on the lookout for the kickoff announcement and we look forward to seeing you all in 3 months!!!! BE SAFE!!!!

Below are all the results from the 2015 IAGA Club Championships and Season, including the RABBIT bets (Rabbit was seen hopping about town in the open this year!!!!.....his tail wagging like a happy puppy!!!!).

If you have NOT been paid by now, reach out to us and let us know. WE MUST close the books by the end of October!!!!

Hope you all had as much fun as we did. Bring a friend with you in 2016 and let's keep the passion of IAGA and competitive golf in the community going for another 20 years!!!!



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Results - 10 Oct 2015

Maharaja Cup

  • Runner Up: VINEET SHARMA

Tiger Cup

  • Runner Up: BJ DESAI

Cobra Cup

  • Runner Up: ANIRUDH JOSHI

Golfer of the Year

  • Maharaja: JANG BADHESHA
  • Tiger/Cobra: ANIRUDH JOSHI

Match Play

  • Individual Champion: KULWANT SIDHU
  • Individual Runner up: ROHAN DALAL
  • Team - To Be Decided.

  • Final Leaderboard
  • Closest to the Pin ....Hole #5....RAVI CHEKURI
  • Closest to the Pin.....Hole #7....SURENDRA VAID
  • Long Drive Maharaja......VISHAL WADHWA
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra...MANOJ JOSHI
  • Low Gross Day 2 of Club Championship.........ROHAN DALAL...GROSS 72.....WOW JUNIOR!!!!
  • Low Net Day 2 of Club Championship MAHARAJA Flight.......MAHESH KARANTH....NET 72!!
  • Low Net Day 2 of Club Championship TIGER/COBRA Flight ......ABHINAV JOSHI ....NET 71.......WOW JUNIOR!!!!
  • Low Gross 36 Holes of Club Championship.......KABIR SINGH

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