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HiddenBrooke - Apr 25, 2015

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After all the talk about golf this and golf that........guess what time it is????

It's TOURNAMENT TIME!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! Can't wait to get on that tee and hit that first drive so pure that it will make me feel like I'm going UNDER PAR today!!!! LOOK OUT FIELD........THIS ONE IS MINE!!!!!

You gotta love golf. And that is why you are in IAGA. With a potentially tough morning ahead of us weather wise, does anyone care it might rain on our parade??? HECK NO!!! WE GOT GOLF UMBRELLAS!!!!

Here we go gang. The field is set for Hiddenbrooke. Here are the details:

  • Saturday, April 25 at Hiddenbrooke Golf Course in Vallejo/American Canyon
  • Raffle at breakfast. If not in the house by 7:45...no raffle ticket for you
  • The practice range is small so if you want to warm up....get there even earlier
  • Butts in Carts by 8:50 to head out to the holes
  • Iwannamaker Scoring is Mandatory......DQ if no iWannamaker for your group
  • Bring your phones with batteries charged and the iWannamaker link loaded
  • Link will be sent later tonight
  • Pairings and RULES for the DAY are attached. Know them BEFORE you get to the course.

Should be a fun day IF YOU KEEP PACE. Last tournament, the first half of the field finished in 5 hours.......the last half of the field took over 6 hours. WHY??? BECAUSE OF ONE GROUP. This event, Vineet Sharma will be finishing in the lead group and will immediately turn his cart around and start driving backwards. ANY GROUP OUT OF POSITION.......MORE THAN HALF A HOLE BEHIND, will be noted down. If your group is identified.....DO NOT WHINE if you are listed as a SLOW PLAYER in IAGA. This will occur in every event going forward till ALL SLOW PLAYERS ARE IDENTIFIED.

Let's make sure EVERYONE has a good time by keeping up with the group ahead of you and to hit when it's your turn.

See you at 7:45 SHARP!!!! THIS ONE IS MINE!!!!!


  • Comment Link Munish Mehta Wednesday, 01 April 2015 21:26 posted by Munish Mehta

    IAGA folks, if a course can not accomodate the IAGA members who wants to play, and that too almost one month in advance of the tournament, can you please evaluate changing the venue which is more accomodating ?

    Otherwise, how is it a premium club experience, where you have to fight out for your slot through fastest response to an email over a weekday.. ? Previous season, we were able to sign up atleast one week before the tournament.

    please reconsider.

  • Comment Link Rohit Desai Saturday, 28 March 2015 04:56 posted by Rohit Desai

    YES - I would like to play as well! I didn't see the first email which email in the afternoon while at work and by the time I went home and checked email, the event was already full!!! I am on waiting list!

  • Comment Link Pramukh Jadhav Friday, 27 March 2015 20:56 posted by Pramukh Jadhav

    Yes - I'd like to play this tournament

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