Pasadera - June 13th, 2015

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Under beautiful conditions and FAST PLAY (5 hours and 20 minutes for all groups), IAGA descended on the Pasadera/Nicklaus Club golf course. If history was to be a predictor of events to unfold, it was going to be a brutal day as IAGA members attempted to tame this Monterey peninsula beast!!!!

And they DID!!!! Down went Nicklaus's CLUB as the day presented ideal scoring conditions. Now we definitely had our share of conquered moments on some of the very tough holes, but WE the point of actually having a HOLE IN ONE being scored by RAVI PINDIPROLI..........WOOOOOOO......HOOOOOOO!!!! DOMINATED!!!!!

Ravi lucked out in that it was Monterey and everyone had to get on their horse and get home to their social gatherings so he was spared the big bar bill...but next time you see Ravi, congratulate him on his Hole in One (one tournament too late Ravi.....coulda had an Audi last time). He does pick up $300 for knocking it down in an IAGA tournament so he will be happy to buy you a drink!!!! or two!!!! or three!!!!

Now onto the results and the winners: Payout summary is attached.

  • ROHAN DALAL dominates and grabs the LOW GROSS with a 75!!!!
  • RAVI KRISHNAIAH dominates and gets the Maharaja LOW NET!!!!
  • GAUTAM SINHA dominates with a NET 66 and grabs the Tiger LOW NET!!!
  • ANIRUDH JOSHI dominates with an 5 stroke win in the Cobra LOW NET!!!
  • Closest to the Pin was MILIND DANGE!!!
  • Long Drives went to ROHAN DALAL for Maharaja and GAUTAM SINHA for Tiger/Cobra.
  • The SKINS payout is attached, but JANG BADHESHA and SAMIT RAO cashed in big.......$233 and $269 respectively.

CONGRATS to all our dominators for putting Jack back on his design board.

With the results locked in.........the question to be asked is DID YOU MAKE THE CUT TO QUALIFY FOR THE MAJOR at Half Moon Bay on July 25th??? The CUT LINE is attached. Those who made the cutline will qualify for the chance at the top prize at Half Moon Bay. Those that didn't will still be eligible to play, but will not have a chance to WIN THE MAJOR!!!!!

With half the season in the books, the race for GOLFER of the YEAR is starting to take shape: Standings are attached but our mid way leaders in each flight are:


  • PRADEEP BAKSH & RAVI KRISHNAIAH tied with 220 points
  • KRIPA DHARAN rounds out the top 3 with 200 points


  • DINESH PATEL & RAJESH HOODA are in a battle at the top with 360 points eac
  • h
  • SAM VARGHESE rounds out the top 3 with 300 points

The races are tight but there is a long way to go with 3 events still up in the air. GOLFER of the YEAR points race concludes in SEPTEMBER.

REMINDER: YOU MUST HAVE PLAYED IN 3 IAGA EVENTS to be eligible for the GRAND FINALE IAGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP in October. Be sure you have your minimum 3 done by September. Match Play events do count towards your 3.

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Results - 13 Jun 2015

Venue - Pasadera