YochaDehe - Feb 21, 2015

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With a BOOM and a BAM and a WHAM....WHAM...WHAM....thank you maa'm!!!!!..........we have our FIRST winning checks cashed from the Yocha Triple Play even.

Here are the highlights

  • Scores were hot....hot....hot.....as the White Tees put everyone in play in the TRIPLE PLAY. A full field of 52 players tee'd it up at Yocha!!
  • In the MAHARAJA FLIGHT....SANDEEP BHASIN returned to Yocha from last year owning the course again. His gross 39 on the backnine got him the NET win vs. VISHAL WADHWA in a tie breaker as both brought in NET 72's
  • VISHAL WADHWA was one shot away from a clean sweep of NET and GROSS, but his GROSS 76 earned him top honors in the GROSS category
  • One stroke also separated the tight battle in the TIGER FLIGHT as SAM VARGHESE bested 2 other players with his NET 70 for a one stroke win over ABHI DESAI and newcomer DINESH PATEL
  • The hottest flight was the COBRA flight as it took a NET 66 to take top honors and RAJESH HOODA grabbed that top prize over ANIRUDH JOSHI
  • Our Tournament of Champion Qualifiers were playing for one of the TRIPLE PLAYS. You qualified if you finished first or second in any IAGA event in 2014. The BEST of the BEST was a familiar name to the leaderboard....ANIRUDH JOSHI to a convincing win over MURALI DHARAN.
  • NO IAGA teams earned honors in the YOCHA EVENT. We were shut out of the THIRD PLAY.
  • ALL RESULTS FOR ALL FLIGHTS CAN BE SEEN ON IWANNAMAKER. HERE IS THE LINK. YOU WILL NEED YOUR LOGIN or if a first time user, SIGN UP. IWANNAMAKER is the scoring tool for IAGA so get familiar with it.

Great skins wins were had in ALL flights (see attached payouts) with JITENDER SINGH and SAM VARGHESE being the leaders in their respective flights.....CHA...CHING!!!!!

A VERY SPECIAL RECOGNITION FOR MILIND DANGE who announced a penalty on himself after the round. That penalty on hole #9 cost him a skin. The rules infraction was 18-2 of the USGA rules. He picked up his ball in the middle of the fairway, but did replace it prior to hitting his shot. He also informed his playing partner of the infraction. THANKS MILIND......INTEGRITY MATTERS!!!!

And a great start for many in qualifying for the FIRST MAJOR of the year at Half Moon Bay. Still 4 events left for you to get yourself into Half Moon Bay in July. You can't buy your way in, you have to EARN it (see members guidelines for details on qualification to Half Moon Bay).

CONGRATS TO ALL TRIPLE PLAY WINNERS!!!!.......REMINDER: All payouts are via PAYPAL. If you don't have a paypal account.........get one!!!!

So let's get it on for the 2nd 2015 Season event. The venue is the Coyote Creek Tournament Course. This is a true Jack Nicklaus test of golf. We are filling up quickly.

A 7:30 Mandatory Breakfast will kickoff the Coyote event on March 21st. Below are the players already signed up. If you want to play, reply with a YES and we will get you in.

Golf.....golf.....and more golf as we work our way towards the MASTERS!!!!!


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