Coyote Creek - March 19, 2016

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What a truly memorable day March 19th, 2016 will be in IAGA history. The largest field in IAGA's 19 year history with 68 players gathered for the 3 Flight Battle!!!!

It was also the first event ever where IAGA established a LOW GROSS flight where all participants in the flight played on even terms......NO STROKES. This is the NEW MAHARAJA!!!!

This NEW MAHARAJA (played from Blue Tees) opened up it's doors to ANY IAGA member who wanted to dip their toe in the NO STROKES competition. The results were memorable as 14 members took on the GROSS challenge. Some may say the results were appropriately named .......GROSS!!!!!

NO MAHARAJA PLAYER was able to break 80.......In fact, 83 was the winning score. That's not to say that there were not enough suspects who could have dominated the flight with a decent showing, but on this Saturday, the pressure of performing under GROSS ONLY conditions consumed the entire field. The range of scoring for the Maharaja flight was spread between a low of 83 to a high of 101. However, be assured of ONE thing. The competition in this flight WILL get tougher and it WILL make players better and better. We are all looking forward to the evolution of the NEW MAHARAJA!!!! Are you up for the Challenge????

CONGRATS to SUHAS KULKARNI who owned the grinding 83 GROSS score. This was a man who was just returning from leg surgery and could not complete his downswing weight shift due to the healing process. But he kept it in the fairway and managed the game he had beautifully to take top honors.......finishing par, par, birdie!!!! MENTALLY TOUGH!!!!

To see the massacre in full detail, the link from iWannamaker scoring is now official and presented for your enjoyment:

What was clear on Saturday is the course conditions were playing VERY TOUGH. While many would say that with a south wind, Coyote plays many strokes easier, the rough was brutal. Miss the fairway and forget par!!!! The pins were tucked. The tees were back. The setup was setup for high scoring.

At least that is what we will

say given the scores as we want to keep our Maharaja players mentally proud.

The Tiger flight was represented well with a stellar GROSS 79 (from White Tees). Regardless of tees, to have that score in those conditions was an awesome display of golf. CONGRATS to MUNISH MEHTA for putting a respectable GROSS number on the board. Munish ran away from the field with a four shot victory. AND captured the Closest to the Pin along the way.

The COBRA flight was also well represented with a winning score of NET 71. This was accomplished by PRAVAT LALL. Pravat accomplished this against one of the largest Cobra fields in recent IAGA history. CONGRATS PRAVAT!!!!

With 68 players teeing it up at Coyote, it WAS the largest field in IAGA history overall. We introduced 10 new players to IAGA at this event and it was great to welcome them all to the IAGA experience. It won't be long that many of their names will be amongst the IAGA Folklore of "ONLY IN IAGA"!!!!

Here are the final results and the payouts are attached:

  • TIGER winner - MUNISH MEHTA - NET 67
  • COBRA winner - PRAVAT LALL - NET 71
  • Closest to the Pin - MUNISH MEHTA - 5 feet 2 inches
  • Long Drive Maharaja - SUHAS KULKARNI
  • Long Drive Tiger/Cobra - SHEKHAR HALAKATTI

Thanks to all who participated. It was a memorable day in many ways. The 2016 IAGA Tour is well on it's way for 2016.

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Details - 19 Mar 2016

Results - 19 Mar 2016

Venue - Coyote Creek