Poppy Hills - Aug 5th, 2017

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IAGA descended on the Monterey Peninsula for the 2017 IAGA Tour - Poppy Hills Open and it was FUNTASTIC!!!! What a great venue. What terrific weather. What ominous sounds were heard echoing from the forest as members tried to hit wayward tee shots through trees vs. playing back to safety.

But at the end of the day.......What tremendous scoring by the IAGA membership!!!!

We had a record turnout for the Poppy Hills event and the winners came with their A games. We had a runaway win in the Cobra flight by ASHOK VAID who destroyed his opponents with a NET 64 for a 6 stroke victory over HARMEET CHAUHAN.

We had a tight battle in the TIGER flight as NITISH PARGAL and KULWANT SIDHU battled it out, with NITISH PARGAL getting his FIRST IAGA WIN with a NET 69 to win by one stroke.

We had a DOMINATION of POPPY HILLS by KABIR SINGH who has always had a terrific swing, but has never been able to match that with a strong short game in an IAGA event. We can't say that anymore as he shoots a GROSS 75 from the BLUE TEES for an impressive GROSS win.

The strongest game for the NET win in the MAHARAJA flight was shown by VELCHAMY SANKARLINGAM, with an equally impressive NET 70 to win by 5 shots over the hottest IAGA golfer, MUNISH MEHTA.

Our CLOSEST TO THE PIN was earned by SHRIRAJ GAGLANI while the LONG DRIVE AWARDS went to BIRI SINGH for the Maharaja Flight and JAZ SINGH for the Tiger/Cobra flights. Congrats to each of them for cashing in!!!!

Congrats also to ALL who played, and big kudos to ALL for getting 70 players OFF the course in under 5 hours and 30 minutes. This assures us of being invited back to POPPY HILLS for a SHOTGUN start in 2018. This was our first ever shotgun and it was important we showed a good pace of play for such a large field to earn that right. Way to go IAGA. Now let's do it EVERY TIME at EVERY VENUE!!!!

What was a tight race to the top of the Golfer of the Year board is going to come down the last eligible event for the year at EDGEWOOD. What better way to decide the winners of GOY than at a superb venue like EDGEWOOD.

In the COBRA FLIGHT, the battle continues between ZOHEB MUKHY with 360 points as the leader. And the chaser, PRASAD UPADHYAYULA with 300 points. A win by PRASAD and a lower than 3rd place finish could change the leaderboard very quickly in TAHOE. The drama will unfold along the lake.

In the TIGER FLIGHT, SUNIL MAYUR has locked up the Golfer of the Year race already as nobody can catch him now!!....not even HARSHA SASTRY who was in position going into POPPY HILLS, but had to have 2 wins to have a chance. SUNIL's 1 wins and 2 second place finishes have assured him of the title, and this in his FIRST YEAR with IAGA. Congrats SUNIL.

In the MAHARAJA FLIGHT, it turns out the event at POPPY HILLS was an important one for the chaser in this flight, RAJ GAUTAM, who had to finish in the top 5 to make things interesting going into the final event. Alas, his out of the $$$ finish at POPPY HILLS has handed the Golfer of the Year title to VINEET SHARMA thanks to the strength of his 1 win, 2 seconds, a 1 third place finish. Congrats VINEET.

And so we move on to the next to last 2017 IAGA Tour stop at gorgeous EDGEWOOD golf course on September 9th.

This will be followed by the 2017 IAGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP at Bridges on September 30th and October 1st weekend. This is a 36 hole event.

We are also in the final stages of the 2017 MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIPS. We have a TEAM FINALS shaping up between the strong team of ABI VIKRAM / KIRAN CHAUDRI vs. the relentless team of BJ DESAI / ABHI DESAI. The winning team will take home the top prize of $1000 while the runner up team will grab $500 to share. BIG $$$ round is NOW!!!!! Good luck to both teams. Play well.

In the INDIVIDUAL Match play event, the SEMI FINALS are going strong with SAMIT RAO facing KULWANT SIDHU to decide the Flight Finals. On the other side of the Brackets is a battle between MUNISH MEHTA vs. BAQI KHAN to see who earns the right to face JANG BADHESHA who is waiting patiently to decide the Flight Finals. And then the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH will be decided before the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP begins. WOW!!!! LOTS OF DRAMA STILL TO BE PLAYED OUT!!!!! Good luck to all!!!

Attached are the Payouts for POPPY HILLS to include SKINS as well as Golfer of the Year standings!!!!

See you in TAHOE.......and if not, the BRIDGES for the 2017 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Lock in the dates of September 30th and October 1st for the 36 hole event!!!

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Results - 5 Aug 2017

Venue - Poppy Hills