Half Moon Bay July 28th, 2018

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If you thought the currently concluded major PGA Championship had excitement and drama, let us tell you about the REAL MAJOR.....the 2018 IAGA MAJOR at Half Moon Bay. Now THAT is drama.

Can you get 80 desi's around a venue with gorgeous views, picture taking opportunities at every turn, some real tough holes and the pressure of a MAJOR in less than 5 hours and 15 minutes when most IAGA events this year have averaged close to 6 hours???

The answer is YES....YES....and a definitive YES!!!! With ideal playing conditions, we had great golf being played by our members on this historic links course.

With five par 5's and five par 3's, the scoring was LIGHTS OUT amazing.

The focus on the course was enhanced by the fact the IAGA strategy of assigning time check in points on hole 6 and 15 tee boxes kept the pace of play on point and allowed the players to get into a nice rhythm. GO IAGA players....YOU ROCK!!!! Now let's keep this going in every event. Pace of play makes the competition so much more rewarding and enjoyable!!!! You just proved you can do it.....so as we now say.....NO WHINING...PLAY FAST!!!!!.....ALL THE TIME!!!!

All the fantastic play and the superb pace of play was highlighted at the post round lunch and MEGA Raffle where we introduced CASH GRAB. Players picked in the raffle get a chance to put their hands into a bag of cash to grab $20...$50....$100 bills. They keep picking out $$$$ unless they pull out 2 One dollar bills in a row!!!!! It was great fun and a huge hit!!!! So much so that we can't even remember who won the FAMOUS KULKARNI TOWEL!!!!! Lucky for the loser!!! We'll remember soon enough!!!!

And let's not forget the fantastic food to finish it all off!!!! The food just kept rolling out and our boyz broke the bank on the food bill!!!!!

Here are the results from a great day at the IAGA MAJOR. The winners take home a DOUBLE PAYOUT for winning their flights as this was a MAJOR!!!! Reminder that you had to qualify for the MAJOR and double payouts. But we also had our event inside an event for those who were in the field who did not qualify.


  • LOW GROSS 74!!!! WOW!!! ......MAHARAJA flight.....KABIR SINGH....he is just dominating the Low Gross prize in IAGA!!!!
  • LOW NET MAHARAJA......Heeeee's baaaccckkk.......SUNIL MAYUR ...NET 68 to win by 3 shots in a very tight race to the finish!!!!
  • LOW NET TIGER......KAMAL AHLUWALIA.....net 63......and he needed it all to hold off the always dangerous PRASAD UPADHYAYULA's net 65.
  • LOW NET COBRA......NARINDER MAHAL....net 67....wins in a 3 way tie braker with AMAN SIROHI and SUNIL RAMAIAH......great battle guys.
  • NON QUALIFIED LOW NET WINNER - Maharaja.........SUNIL BHALLA....Net 73
  • NON QUALIFIED LOW NET WINNER - Tiger/Cobra combined.......SURJIT TUT.....Net 64

Some very nice payouts for skins with an average of $110 payout per skin across all flights!!! CHA-CHING!!!!

The GOLFER OF THE YEAR RACE is a runaway, a battle, and wide open across all flights. There are only 2 events left for this race to conclude.......it should be an exciting finish. Whenever possible, we will be pairing the GOY players in the same foursome on the next 2 events.

  • MAHARAJA FLIGHT - ASHISH BHATNAGAR is riding his 2 wins to the top spot by a LARGE margin of 340 points. But he does not have it wrapped up quite yet. There are 2 events left and SUNIL MAYUR is on the chase as he will be playing in EDGEWOOD with his 180 points. Back to back wins could run ASHISH down!!!!
  • TIGER FLIGHT - only 80 points separate the leader vs. 5 other chasers in this flight. MANOJ JOSHI will have to keep his strong play going if he is going to hold off the challengers. MANOJ has 200 points while HARSHA SASTRY and KAMAL AHLUWALIA each have 180. Rounding out the chasers is KULWANT SIDHU with 160, SAMIT RAO with 140 and RAJESH HOODA with 120. Who wants it???
  • COBRA FLIGHT - the season long leader, PRASAD UPADHYAYULA, continues to own the top spot with 340 points. But MADHAV NARASIMHAN and NARINDER MAHAL have their sights set on running hi down. It should be an exciting finish!!!!

Thanks to all of our MAJOR players who kept the focus and showed that it can be done!!!! 5 hours 15 minutes....80 players. What a great MAJOR all around.

We now continue our FANTASTIC FINISH in IAGA with the next 3 AWESOME venues. We are moving on to the superb EDGEWOOD course next Saturday. 24 players will be teeing it up in what will be memorable regardless of number of players. Then we move to the very tough BAYONET course in September and conclude in October with a 36 hole GRAND FINALE at Coyote Creek for the 2018 IAGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.

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Results - 28 July 2018

Venue - Harding Park

Venue - Half Moon Bay