Hiddenbrooke - June 16th 2018

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The great thing about a shootout on a venue with 5 par Five's and 5 par 3's is those holes can help you big time or sink you like a sub without power if your swing is even a little off. While Hiddenbrooke looks soooooo beatable, it is sneaky tough with a LOT of trouble.

Those who are power hitters have the advantage and that was true as IAGA descended on Hiddenbrooke and the surprising 25 mph winds. Combined with a packed field, these conditions took their toll on our players. But there are ALWAYS highlights in IAGA, and all wins are earned as everyone is playing the same course under the same conditions.

Here are the winners of the Hiddenbrooke Shootout!!!!:

  • SHRIRAJ GAGLANI - a past MAJOR winner, found his swing and his massive drives stayed on the fairway and he was hitting short irons into the Par 5's.....thus a FANTASTIC GROSS 77!!!!
  • FELIX SOLOMON - played a superbly steady game to take the MAHARAJA LOW NET with a NET 71.
  • MANOJ JOSHI gets his 2nd win of the year in the TIGER flight with a strong NET 70.
  • PRADAD UPADHYAYULA dominated the COBRA flight with a NET 65. AND he needed every stroke as VISHAL GOYAL was breathing down his neck only one stroke behind.
  • And ALL THE COBRA Flight skins went to PRASAD UPADHYAYULA...CHA-CHING!!!!

With HIDDENBROOKE being the final qualifying round to make the cut for the MAJOR at HALF MOON BAY in July, the cutline is now final and attached. IF you made the cut in your flight, you will enjoy a BONUS prize pool at the MAJOR. If you did not qualify, we will still be conducting our regular IAGA event at HALF MOON BAY which will be open to all. Non Qualifiers will have the regular IAGA prize pool. IF any of the prizes are won by a QUALIFIED player.....their winnings will be DOUBLED!!!! Now THAT's a MAJOR PAYOUT!!!!! Did you qualify???

The GOLFER OF THE YEAR race is at the half way point. MULTIPLE WINNERS are in a strong position, but there is a lot of golf left before this race is decided. The year to date leaders are attached, but here are the top points earners so far:


  • ASHISH BHATNAGAR - 260 points


  • MANOJ JOSHI - 200 points
  • KULWANT SIDHU - 160 points
  • SAMIT RAO - 140 points
  • COBRA GOY Leaders

  • PRASAD UPADHYAYULA - 360 points
  • MADHAV NARASIMHAN - 260 points
  • RAVI PINDIPROLI - 140 points
  • And now we will close out Hiddenbrooke with a heads up to ALL members. We are observing some not so nice behaviors in IAGA. This is just a heads up BEFORE we start taking some serious actions. These serious actions may end up costing some of you extra strokes or in some instances the infractions reported could become so significant that you might be asked to find a new club.

    IAGA has been built over the past 20 years by golfers who were raised on the high integrity, ethics, sportsmanship, and camraderie of the greats.....Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, and many many more. These greats were highly competitive, yet very committed to preserving the integrity of the game at all costs. While we recognize that we have players of all levels and skills and knowledge, that does not excuse anyone in IAGA from knowingly abusing the rules and the integrity of the game as intended. Our principle in IAGA has always been no politics, no drama!!!! Just play by the rules and have a great time in an highly competitive environment. It is an organization founded BY our community FOR our community and we have maintained it's standing against any club that exists in the USA as we based these principles on the USGA code of conduct. We may have had our issues along the way with some rulings, but the principles have always been at our core guiding our decisions.

    We have been made aware of some of these practices:

    • slow play without regard for wanting to catch up, thus causing 6 hour rounds behind you
    • not posting the rounds you play casually on weekends (ie. the only rounds posted in your NCGA handicap calculation are IAGA tournament scores....really, you didn't play any golf all year except IAGA??!!
    • yelling at course staff at any time regardless of reason
    • not keeping your score accurately during the playing of the event by stating you got a 5 on the hole when it is highly unlikely given you had 2 penalty shots (it is not your fellow players responsibility to keep you honest....don't ruin their round)
    • not taking penalty drops properly (if you don't know the procedure just ask)
    • and many others that are being raised as our membership is growing.

    We are not able to police the proceedings on the course, or post round, or the weekends when you are on your own. We can only address areas when we are made aware of them. WE WILL TAKE ACTION and you may not like it so just don't put yourself in that position when you take part in an IAGA event.

    IAGA is focused on being a very competitive golf environment unlike any other Indo Americans can participate in worldwide. While we may encourage camraderie and fun with requested playing partners, it does not excuse you from being honest and maintaining your behavior with the utmost integrity and sportsmanship at it's core.

    THAT's the end of the cousel and advice. Thanks for listening. And if you didn't bother to read it.............we feel sorry for you!!!!

    Let's get ourselves ready for the MAJOR!!!!! Signups will be sent out immediately after this results update so wait for it to sign up. Don't reply to this communication unless it relates to the content within it.

    Great to have you all be a part of the greatest Indo American golf association in the USA. Let's preserve it the way it has been for 20 years and help continue to grow it. It's YOUR club!!!! Honor it and keep it going strong!!!!

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    Results - 16 Jun 2018

    Venue - Hiddenbrooke