Wente - May 19th, 2018

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We are sure you are following the carnage at the US Open at Shinnecock today. Rory 10 over par.....Tiger 8 over par.....Jason Day 8 over par!!!! Wow and Why??

The WIND, the WIND!!!

Reminds us of the carnage we saw at Wente in May as our players tried to navigate through 30 mile per hour winds to survive the round. A course under gorgeous blue skies, ripe for the taking by our IAGA Pro's, was masked by the winds....and another well disguised obstacle....the dreaded RATTLESNAKE. If the wind didn't get you, your fear of the rattlers sure did. Very few were brave enough to venture into the tall brown pastures seeking to save a stroke on their wayward shots.

It was a memorable round for sure. And it started with such promise with a bountiful desi eshtyle breakfast that had the crowd coming for seconds and packing the left overs for the course. They soon woke up as the first snake crossed their paths.

The FEARLESS prevailed as each flight had their heroic standouts in the tough conditions.

Here are the results:

  • ASHISH BHATNAGAR.........making a name for himself in IAGA and the MAHARAJA flight........AMAZING Low Gross 81.
  • VELCHAMY SANKARLINGAM......avoided the snake but dropped a few snakes of his own on the greens to take the MAHARAJA Low Net with a NET 71
  • PRAVAT LALL is back in the winners circle in the TIGER Flight with a NET 70
  • PRASAD UPADHYAYULA has found his form again in the COBRA Flight with a NET 71
  • Closest to the Pin winner - VELCHAMY SANKARLINGAM....and YES he made the birdie to double his winnings.
  • And SKINS...SKINS...and more SKINS......see attached Results Payout Sheet

Also be sure to check out the attached Golfer of the Year race that shows tight standings all around. But there is a looooonnnngggg way to go!!!!

  • MAHARAJA - ASHISH BHATNAGAR is leading the pack with 260 points with a close battle for 2nd between MUNISH MEHTA and MAHESH KARANTH with 180
  • TIGER - SAMIT RAO and HARPREET SONI are locked in at 140 points each with HARSHA SASTRY right on their heels with 120 points
  • COBRA - First year player MADHAV NARASIMHAN leads the way with 260 points, while PRASAD UPADHYAYULA is finding his stroke and is in range with 240 points.

And lookout.........after the HIDDENBROOKE Shootout this Saturday, all eyes will be on the MAJOR event at Half Moon Bay. HAVE YOU QUALIFIED??? Check out the attached cutline!!!! The cutline could change based on the SHOOTOUT results.....stay tuned!!!!

Good luck to all as we approach the half way point of the 2018 IAGA Tour.

IT'S GOLF SEASON on the 2018 IAGA Tour and lots of golf is being played by ALL!!!! And there is more DRAMA to come in the 2nd half!!!!!

Updates coming as we are winding down Round 2 of the INDIVIDUAL MATCH Play Championships and Round 1 of the TEAM MATCH Play Championships.

If you are playing at HIDDENBROOKE.....go LOW!!!!!

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Results - 19 May 2018

Venue - Wente